Banking the unbanked online

Pago is on a mission to enable unbanked internet consumers to transact online, whether they want to make a once-off payment for digital and physical goods or sign up to a paid subscription plan.

We are doing this by extending the growing commercial utility of airtime.We chose airtime to tackle financial inclusion because it is easily accessible and is growing in popularity globally as a payment instrument.


Before Pago we were working on a Saas startup which ran on a freemium business model.Though the platform largely served users in emerging markets, over 80% of our paying customers were from Europe and the US. We learned that the internet consumers in the emerging markets are largely unbanked and had no reliable alternative to transacting online. We then set out to build a financially inclusive alternative to the traditional electronic debit and credit card payments. Pago launched for closed Beta testing in April 2018.


Pago is a startup of software developers who have worked for the biggest payments companies in the world including mobile money and direct carrier billing companies. The team is based between Ireland and South Africa.