With Pago, you can pay online without a bank account

If you don't have a bank account, don't want to expose your banking details online or want convenience, you can use Pago to pay or subscribe to services online

Online Payments for everyone

Pago lets you pay online even if you do not have a bank account. Globally over 800 million people around the world cannot pay online or subscribe to services because they do not have a bank account or a conventientand safe alternative.

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Convenient. Safe. Reliable.

When we learned that more than 40% of internet consumers globally are unbanked, we embarked on this mission to bank the unbanked online using airtime to tackle financial inclusion because of its accessibility and growing popularity as a payment instrument.

A beautiful and simple user interface

When building the Pago wallet we prioritized beautiful design and friendly User Experience for our users which has resulted in a platform with a seamless user experience and security when paying or subscribing to services online.

Grow your revenue

Online merchants increase their revenue with a new payment option that reaches a new audience.

A study by McKinsey shows that 800 million consumers who access the internet everyday cannot make online payments because they are unbanked

Increase your revenue up to 37% with Pago

Reliable and Secure

We've built Pago from the ground up with beautiful design, friendly User Experience, quality and securitybeing main priorities for us.

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Airtime as a payment method

For the last decade airtime's commercial utility has been growing in popularity globally. We have not reinvented the wheel, we are innovating it. Telco's who partner with us welcome a new revenue model at no cost to them

1 Increase revenue

2 Attract more customers

3 Increase disposable income

Our focus is on financial inclusion for the internet

Pago industries, Inc. is a technology company that leverages mobile network operators airtime for financial inclusion online

Business who want to increase sales by reaching new customers use our software to accept new payments.

Partner with us

Going into the future and innovating airtime driven payments together

We are building financially inclusive technology and enabling more than 600 million unbanked internet consumers to shop online everyday

Our mobile network operator partners help us to do this effectively.